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And they trained, and planned and they ran. There was a reason they registered. It could have been their best race, or their worst, or their first. And then they sent it to me to cut into 4 pieces and make into a set of coasters so they could be reminded of their accomplishment. Someone wore this for what was probably a few of the most challenging hours of their life. And I just found out that they wore it as a Team in Training participant! But Team in Training is a story for another post…

I won’t lie. When I worked on the first bib that wasn’t my own, I stared at it, X-acto knife in hand for at least 10 minutes. I almost wussed out. I almost said “To hell with this, I’ll just give it back and say I didn’t have time.” But once I put my big-girl panties on and started working, it was easy. And she loved them!

Every bib has a back-story and I get that. Based on the 10 minute stare-down confession, I obviously get it a little too much. I’ve done at least 15 marathons/half marathons and I can tell you a story related to every single one of my bibs, if not an hour long story about what made me register for that particular event and how great the victory party was.

I think that whether it’s my first coaster set or two hundred and fourth, I will remain in awe of the back-stories that I’ll never really know. So thank you for the opportunity to help you preserve them.

And Go Team!


About Mile Stones

Original race bib coasterizer. Team in Training Coach, Fundraising Mentor, 13 year alum. Gemini. Hater of easy. Go big or go big.

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  1. This is my bib and I love the work that you did on it. I ran for Team in Training in memory of my sister Elora. Great job and a great way to preserve a memory!

    Go TEAM


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