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On Saturday, January 8, my husband and I completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in Orlando, FL. It truly was a magical experience at the most magical place on earth.

While walking through the parks throughout the weekend, I saw children everywhere lined up to take pictures with characters. Tarzan, Woody, Snow White, Peter Pan. They stared with their little eyes wide with wonder and amazement at the fact that they were close enough to touch these characters they idolized. My childhood was filled with heroes who could fly, scale buildings, become invisible and always get the Prince. Untouchable, celebrity-like, larger than life. I was quite certain that I would never in a million years meet Wonder Woman. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of meeting so many heroic individuals. Cancer survivors, teachers, police officers, military personnel, family members, anyone who’s ever taken a chance and made a difference in someone else’s life.

My real-life heroes are confident. They’re unwaveringly loyal and are the rocks I trust leaning on. Anytime. Without even being aware, they inspire me to be a better person. They risk following their hearts when their brains seem the more logical and safer choice. They combine their talents and strengths to do something positive, in a world full of rejection and negativity. They selflessly dedicate their lives to things bigger than themselves.

True heroism is made up of real-life super-powers. It’s what made a little girl with blood cancer, on her tricycle, lead a group of Team in Training cyclists on a training ride that began at her house. It’s how a friend knows exactly what situations call for sitting in silence rather than sitting talking. It’s what makes someone open their families and homes to children who have neither. My world is full of heroes. Everyday, ordinary heroes.


About Mile Stones

Original race bib coasterizer. Team in Training Coach, Fundraising Mentor, 13 year alum. Gemini. Hater of easy. Go big or go big.

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