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Now what?

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About a month ago we went out for a casual dinner with another couple and their little girls. We sat in the back of the restaurant, and the girls made friends with a little boy. They played with the jukebox about 10 feet away, giggling and shrieking, running back and forth to our tables. Everyone was having a good time. There were no meltdowns, there was a lot of laughing, good conversation and great food.

The little boy ran face-first into a chair and fell down. The kids stopped in their tracks and the parents and adults at the tables around us looked down slowly. Silence while waiting to see if he’d laugh or scream. Now what?

“Get up,” she said. This petite blond pigtailed girly-girl looked down and with all the seriousness in the world told him to get up. So he did, and they continued playing. I don’t know if anyone else picked up on it, but I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I asked this same little girl about an hour before, “So what’s new?” She rolled her blue eyes around, bit her lip, thought long and hard, then pulled on her shirt, saying, “Well… this is new!” So young and naive yet fully understood what a lot of us have a hard time practicing in adulthood.

Life’s hard. You can plan for it down to the hour, but somewhere along the way you’re gonna get knocked down. Some of us over and over again. I recently had a conversation with one of those over-and-over again people. “I’m scared. I just don’t know what to do. Now what?”

I thought about some of the things I’d been through and remembered how broken down I was. There were times I literally felt like I was going to die. I remembered¬† something a friend told me years ago. “You’ll always be fine no matter what happens. You deal, you feel better, you live, and you’re fine.” It’s true. I’m better than fine. I remembered a day a long time ago when I forced myself out of bed to watch tv for a few hours and then forced down a container of yogurt before going back to bed. I remembered my friend’s daughter looking down at that little boy with the full expectation that he would just get up, and I was inspired.

I said, “You get up. Everyone’s watching. You look like hell, you feel even worse, you’ll eventually eat when you’re hungry, but it’s not like this is going to kill you. You get up, you make it through an hour, and a day, and so on. You just get up.”

They got up, and I made a magnet to share the inspiration with you. We thank you for the reminder and important lesson, little one.

Get Up
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